Food Waste

Food Donation

Every year in Hamilton County, over 175,000 tons of food are landfilled (based on 2013 USEPA Waste Composition). Restaurants, food manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses in the food industry can fight hunger by donating surplus food.

Food Donation is Easy

The Freestore Foodbank works with 450 local soup kitchens and drop in centers to distribute donated food. The Foodbank can even pick up surplus food in a refrigerated truck. Simply call 513-482-4536 or visit to donate.

Many Foods are Accepted

The Freestore Foodbank will accept any edible food but they are especially in need of nutritious foods high in protein and vitamins.

  • Nonperishable food including canned, dried, dehydrated, and packaged items
  • Perishable food including fresh or frozen meats, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, and beans
  • Prepared food including cooked meats, cold cuts, soups, and catered dishes

Need for Food Donation is Great

The Freestore Foodbank helps 161,000 people annually in Greater Cincinnati. The Foodbank estimates that if more food were available they could easily double the number of people they help.

Food Donation has Many Benefits

  • Reduce hunger in the community
  • Receive a tax benefit from the donation
  • Save money on waste disposal costs
  • Convey a socially and environmentally responsible public image

Donors are Protected Against Liability

The Good Samaritan Food Law (Ohio revised Code Section 2305.37) protects food donors from liability. A good faith donor of perishable food fit for human consumption will not be subject to civil damages resulting from the condition of the food.