January 15, 2016 Manager's Memo

DATE: January 15, 2016

TO: District Policy Committee Members

FROM: Holly Christmann, Director

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I. Introduction/Opening Comments

NOTICE: This memo is for the meeting that will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2016. The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. at Hamilton County Environmental Services located at 250 William Howard Taft, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

Policy Committee Information (Agendas, Manager's Memos, Minutes, etc.) is available on the District's website at www.hamiltoncountyrecycles.org.

II. Clerk's Report/Additions to the Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the November 19, 2015 Policy Committee meeting are included as Attachment A.

B. Additions to the Agenda – Please contact Susan Schumacher at 513-946-7734 if you have items to add to the agenda.

III. District Revenue Updates/Analysis

Updates will be provided on current revenue receipts and comparisons with prior years, as included in Attachment B.

IV. Policy Items

A. Solid Waste Management Plan - Priorities

Solid waste management districts are required to select a priority(ies) for the Plan and develop a strategy to provide outreach and technical assistance to all appropriate audiences. The priority selected should be based on the analyses that have been presented to the Policy Committee. As outlined in Attachment C, the District recommends focusing on organics and paper. Attachment C also outlines the recommended program approaches to these waste streams that have been outlined in the analyses presented to the Policy Committee in 2015.

B. Solid Waste Management Plan - Financial Subcommittee Recommendation

A requirement of the solid waste management plan is to include a budget outlining expenses and revenue. For revenue, that includes identifying the source of funding the solid waste district will use to implement its approved solid waste management plan. 

The District initiated this process with the preparation of a financial analysis that was presented to the Policy Committee at its May 21, 2015 meeting. At the September meeting, the Policy Committee approved the development of a financial subcommittee whose goal is to examine the District’s current financial position and assess the financial requirements and revenue sources needed during the solid waste management planning period. The committee members included: Elizabeth Bruggeman, Health Commissioner Ingram, Jeff Rumpke, and Tom Turchiano.

District staff will provide a detailed update on District revenue and review the Financial Subcommittee’s recommendation for a fee increase as summarized in Attachment D.

Staff anticipates the Policy Committee will discuss the revenue recommendation at both the January and March meetings to allow for the appropriate amount of input.

C.   Ohio EPA Grant Applications

Each year, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency solicits applications for Community Development grants. The Community Development Grant program provides financial assistance to Ohio local governments and non-profit organizations that propose to design and establish projects involved in the collection and processing of recyclable materials. Organizations interested in applying must do so through a political jurisdiction. This year, the District proposes to apply for a grant on behalf of Metro and Cincinnati Recreation Commission.

Recycling Improvement Project – Metro Queensgate Bus Garage Baler Purchase

The District will apply for a Community Development Grant from Ohio EPA on behalf of the Metro bus system operated by Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority to purchase a baler to be installed and operated in the main bus garage located in Queensgate. Metro has recently implemented a recycling program at all their facilities as part of an organization-wide sustainability initiative. Adding cardboard baling ability in their Queensgate facility, where they receive as many as 40 cardboard boxes a day, will enable them to make their material handling more efficient and sustainable within a very busy bus maintenance garage. Metro anticipates that they will be able to generate revenue from their baled cardboard and plans to use it to bolster other sustainability efforts including employee education and outreach initiatives. The total equipment purchase project is valued at $25,000 with $16,500 coming from Ohio EPA grant fund and $8,500 from Metro at match funds.

Special Venue Recycling Project – City of Cincinnati Golf Courses

The District will apply for a Community Development Grant from Ohio EPA on behalf of the City of Cincinnati Recreation Commission to purchase recycling containers for each of their six golf courses. They desire to make recycling available to customers who play 204,000 rounds at these golf courses each year and anticipate being able to divert more than 130 tons from landfill disposal annually. The project involves the purchase and placement of recycling containers for multiple holes on each course. Also instructional signage will be installed regarding proper recycling. The total project is valued at $14,572 with $9,600 coming from grant funds and $4,972 from City of Cincinnati Recreation Commission funds.

Staff Recommendation: District Staff recommends that the Policy Committee approve the forwarding of these grant applications to Ohio EPA for consideration.

D. Nomination of Vice-Chair

The officers of the Policy Committee include a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. Commissioner Portune serves as the Committee’s Chairperson. The previous Vice-Chair was Dennis Deters. During this meeting, the Committee will nominate and elect a Vice-Chairperson whose primary responsibility is to perform all the duties of the Chairperson in case of his absence.

V. Informational Items

A. 2014 Recycling Rate

Each year, the District submits an annual report to Ohio EPA that, among other things, outlines the program results and tons of material recycled. Ohio EPA uses this information to ensure compliance with the Solid Waste Management Plan and state recycling goals. The state-mandated recycling goals include a 25% recycling rate for the residential/commercial sector and a 66% recycling rate for the industrial sector. For the year 2014, Hamilton County had a 32% recycling rate for the residential/commercial sector and 77% for the industrial sector.

VI. Tentative Future Agenda Items

VII. Policy Committee Members' Comments

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Upcoming District Meetings

The next Policy Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 17, 2016. This meeting will be held at Hamilton County Environmental Services, 250 William Howard Taft Road, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 at 1:30 p.m.

X. Adjournment (Target Time: 3:00 p.m.)