May 18, 2016 Manager's Memo

DATE: May 18, 2016

TO: District Policy Committee Members

FROM: Holly Christmann, Director

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I. Introduction/Opening Comments

NOTICE: This memo is for the meeting that will be held on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 (Rescheduled from May 19, 2016). The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. at Hamilton County Environmental Services located at 250 William Howard Taft, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

Policy Committee Information (Agendas, Manager's Memos, Minutes, etc.) is available on the District's website at

II. Clerk's Report/Additions to the Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the March 17, 2016 Policy Committee meeting are included as Attachment A.

B. Additions to the Agenda – Please contact Susan Schumacher at 513-946-7734 if you have items to add to the agenda.

III. District Revenue Updates/Analysis

Updates will be provided on current revenue receipts and comparisons with prior years, as included in Attachment B.

IV. Policy Items

A. Solid Waste Management Plan - Review of Chapters

District staff continues to finalize the Plan Update for submission to Ohio EPA in late summer. The body of the Plan Update consists of six chapters that provide readers with a snapshot of technical information, such as waste generation projections, and summaries of analyses that will be provided in a series of appendices. The body of the Plan Update consists of the following chapters:

- Chapter 1 – Introduction
- Chapter 2 – District Profile
- Chapter 3 – Waste Generation
- Chapter 4 – Waste Management
- Chapter 5 – Waste Reduction and Recycling
- Chapter 6 – Budget and Revenue

Attachment C is a draft of chapters 1 through 6 for Policy Committee review and comment. The content of the chapters reflect feedback and decisions made over the past year such as: programs to be offered; budget; and revenue.

The District anticipates providing a draft of the entire Plan Update to the Policy Committee in early July. At the July meeting, the District will recommend the Policy Committee pass a resolution approving the draft Plan Update. From there, the District will submit its draft Plan Update to Ohio EPA for comment.

B. 2017 District Priority Grant

As outlined in the current Solid Waste Management Plan, the District will provide its Priority Grant to communities, non-profit organizations and schools. The Policy Committee needs to determine three key solid waste management issues that will be eligible for District Priority Grant funding. Staff has identified the following solid waste issues as potential topics for the 2017 District Priority Grant: public recycling, food rescue/donation, waste reduction and reuse.

Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends the 2017 District Priority Grant address the following solid waste issues: public recycling, food rescue/donation, waste reduction and reuse.

C.   Student Reprensentative

The Student Representative is a one-year, non-voting position. This position was developed as a means of gaining new perspectives and ideas on recycling and waste diversion. Benefits to the student include: opportunities to create change at the local level; hands-on experience in developing policy and programs; direct experience in understanding how local government operates; opportunities to hone leadership and public speaking skills.

The District recommends that Lillian Witte be appointed to serve in this role. 

Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends approving Lillian Witte to serve as the Student Representative and forward the recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.

V. Informational Items

A. 2016 1st Quarter Results

Attachment D provides the results of the District’s programs for the first quarter of 2016.

B. Program Trends

Attachment E outlines the 5 year trend for many of the District’s programs.

VI. Tentative Future Agenda Items

VII. Policy Committee Members' Comments

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Upcoming District Meetings

The next Policy Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 21, 2016. This meeting will be held at Hamilton County Environmental Services, 250 William Howard Taft Road, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 at 1:30 p.m.

X. Adjournment (Target Time: 3:00 p.m.)