July 14, 2016 Manager's Memo

DATE: July 14, 2016

TO: District Policy Committee Members

FROM: Holly Christmann, Director

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I. Introduction/Opening Comments

NOTICE: This memo is for the meeting that will be held on Thursday, July 21, 2016. The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. at Hamilton County Environmental Services located at 250 William Howard Taft, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

Policy Committee Information (Agendas, Manager's Memos, Minutes, etc.) is available on the District's website at www.hamiltoncountyrecycles.org.

II. Clerk's Report/Additions to the Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the May 25, 2016 Policy Committee meeting are included as Attachment A.

B. Additions to the Agenda – Please contact Susan Schumacher at 513-946-7734 if you have items to add to the agenda.

III. District Revenue Updates/Analysis

Updates will be provided on current revenue receipts and comparisons with prior years, as included in Attachment B.

IV. Policy Items

A. Solid Waste Management Plan - Approval of Draft Plan

At its May meeting, the Policy Committee reviewed the content of the Solid Waste Management Plan Update (Plan) and provided comments. One outstanding issue is how to address anaerobic digestion. To that end, Staff developed the following language for consideration:

“While the District has stable infrastructure for composting yard trimmings, there is currently no available infrastructure in southwest Ohio for diversion of food scraps. Most food waste diversion programs in the commercial or industrial sector involve either hauling material to the Dayton or Columbus areas for composting or anaerobic digestion, or transport to feed lots.

The District has been informed that an anaerobic digester will most likely be constructed during the period in which the District will operate under this solid waste management plan. With this knowledge and given the gap in local infrastructure, the District will continue to work with any companies and organizations interested in siting organics treatment facilities in southwest Ohio by providing them with information on the amount of organic material generated in Hamilton County and connecting them to local and state resources such as zoning officials and Ohio EPA.

Furthermore, the District will work with any company or organization to help ensure that any such facility will have an odor management plan, be appropriately sized, and accept source-separated organics. (Projections for composting tonnages (which includes anaerobic digestion) will not change even though the District assumes an anaerobic digester will be constructed over the next five years. At this time, the District does not have enough information on the timing of the digester or amount and/or types of feedstocks that will be accepted.)”

Since that meeting, all members received a copy of the draft Plan for review that includes the above language. Staff will provide a brief presentation on the Plan Update and answer any questions.

Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends passing SWR 2016-01 resolution stating that the Solid Waste Management Policy Committee certifies that to the best of their knowledge and belief, the statements, demonstrations and all accompanying materials that comprise the draft Hamilton County Solid Waste Management Plan Update, and the availability of and access to sufficient solid waste management facility capacity to meet the solid waste management needs of the District for the fifteen year period covered by the Plan Update (2018 – 2032) are accurate and are in compliance with the requirements in the District Solid Waste Management Plan Format, revision 4.0.

B. 2017 Recommended Budget

In early July, staff provided the Policy Committee with information on the District’s proposed 2017 budget. A copy of the budget information is included as Attachment C. The total budget request (as of June 20, 2016) for 2017 is $2,499,824. The District projects $2.51 million in revenue.

Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends approval of the 2017 budget as presented.

V. Informational Items

A. 2015 Annual District Report

Each year, Ohio solid waste management districts are required to submit an annual report to Ohio EPA detailing the amount of material diverted from landfills. This report also provides an update on the implementation of the solid waste management plan. The Ohio EPA is currently reviewing the annual report and typically provides comments by the fall. Staff will provide a summary of the report. Attachment D contains a summary of the programs offered in 2015.

B. HR 4184 Food Recovery Act

On December 7, 2015, Congresswoman Pingree introduced the HR 4184. This act aims to:

  • Reduce food waste at the consumer level by requiring uniform food labeling language and sponsoring a national campaign to raise awareness on the impact of food waste and how to decrease it in the home.
  • Reduce food waste on farms and retail establishments by extending and expanding tax deductions for those businesses that donate high-quality food to organizations and strengthen the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, among other things.
  • Reduce food waste in schools by encouraging cafeterias to purchase lower-price “ugly” fruits and vegetables and expand grant programs to educate students about food waste and recovery.
  • Reduce food waste throughout the federal government by creating an Office of Food Recovery to implement initiatives and requiring companies that have food service contracts with the federal government to donate surplus food.
  • Reduce food waste going to landfills by encouraging composting and supporting food waste-to-energy projects (yet ensuring that edible food feeds the hungry) and creating an infrastructure fund to support construction of large-scale composting and food waste-to-energy facilities in states that restrict food waste going to landfill.

Companion legislation was introduced in the Senate in late June. Staff will track the progress of the legislation and provide any applicable updates to the Policy Committee. 

C. Scrap Tire Dumping - Statewide Initiative

On March 24, Ohio EPA and the Organization of Ohio Solid Waste Districts (OSWDO) conducted a one-day tire summit to develop solutions to tire dumping. Since that meeting, efforts are focused on three primary areas: legislative/regulatory changes; education and enforcement; and development of strong markets for recycled tires. District staff is leading the education/enforcement initiative whose goal is to educate law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, tire retailers and health departments on scrap tire and illegal dumping laws. 

VI. Tentative Future Agenda Items

VII. Policy Committee Members' Comments

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Upcoming District Meetings

The next Policy Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 15, 2016. This meeting will be held at Hamilton County Environmental Services, 250 William Howard Taft Road, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 at 1:30 p.m.

X. Adjournment (Target Time: 3:00 p.m.)