November 10, 2016 Manager's Memo

DATE: November 10, 2016

TO: District Policy Committee Members

FROM: Holly Christmann, Director

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I. Introduction/Opening Comments

NOTICE: This memo is for the meeting that will be held on Thursday, November 17, 2016. The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. at Hamilton County Environmental Services located at 250 William Howard Taft, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

Policy Committee Information (Agendas, Manager's Memos, Minutes, etc.) is available on the District's website at

II. Clerk's Report/Additions to the Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the July 21, 2016 Policy Committee meeting are included as Attachment A. (The September 15, 2016 meeting was cancelled so there are no September minutes.)

B. Additions to the Agenda – Please contact Susan Schumacher at 513-946-7734 if you have items to add to the agenda.

III. District Revenue Updates/Analysis

Updates will be provided on current revenue receipts and comparisons with prior years, as included in Attachment B.

IV. Policy Items

A. Nomination of Vice-Chair

The officers of the Policy Committee include a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. Commissioner Portune serves as the Chairperson. During the meeting, the Committee will nominate and elect a Vice-Chairperson whose primary responsibility is to perform all of the duties of the Chairperson in case of his absence.

B. Extension of Public Member's Term

In the past, the Policy Committee has allowed appointed members (Public Representative, General Interest Representative, Waste Generator Representative) to serve two two-year terms of office. Following the first two years, appointed members are given the “right of first refusal” to opt for a second term. Historically, the District has then sought applications to fill those positions after the completion of a second two-year term.

Tom Turchiano, the Public Member Representative, is approaching the completion of his second two-year term. As opposed to seeking applications to fill this position, District staff is recommending that Mr. Turchiano be reappointed to one additional two-year term in light of the fact that the District will be ratifying the Solid Waste Management Plan. Taking this action would allow Mr. Turchiano to complete the planning process begun in 2015 and would avoid the significant task of bringing a new member up to speed on the process.

The Policy Committee has a few options as it relates to this issue:

  1. Reappoint the member for an additional two-year term. 
    This would be allowable under State law and is consistent with how the District has operated. Pursuing this option would also require the consent of Mr. Turchiano and the Policy Committee to be reappointed.

  2. Allow the term to expire and appoint a new member. 
    This would keep with the Committee’s policy for appointing new members. However, the logistical difficulties with bringing a new member up to speed during the Plan ratification process would be significant.

Staff Recommendation: District staff recommends that the Public Member Representative be reappointed for one additional two-year term, expiring in 2018.

C. Motion Correction from July Meeting

At the July meeting, the Policy Committee made a motion to amend the draft solid waste management plan. The motion stated that the additional language discussed during the meeting be made in the following sections of the draft plan: Chapter 4, pages 19 – 20, Appendix E-6, and G-3.After the meeting, staff discovered that the additional language did not belong in Appendix G-3 and Staff is requesting a correction to the motion.

D. Solid Waste Management Plan Update

Staff will provide a recap of the Public Hearing and provide next steps for the Plan Update.

E. 2017 District Priority Grant

Under the District Priority Grant for communities and non-profit organizations, the Policy Committee identifies three key solid waste management issues eligible for District Priority Grant funding. Potential grantees submit grant applications that address these key issues. 

At the March 2016 Policy Committee meeting, the members approved the following priorities for the 2017 grant cycle: food rescue/donation; public recycling; waste reduction/reuse projects. Attachment C provides the grant applications that will be funded.

The Policy Committee is only required to vote on grant requests that exceed $15,000. Those include Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and La Soupe, Inc.

Staff Recommendation: District staff recommends that the Policy Committee approve the grant award recommendations for forwarding to the Board of County Commissioners.

V. Informational Items

A. SWANA – Ohio Buckeye Chapter Young Professional Award

Each year the Solid Waste Association of North America – Ohio Buckeye Chapter accepts nominations for its annual awards. This year, Michelle Balz was nominated and was awarded the Young Professional Award at SWANA – Ohio Buckeye Chapter’s annual meeting in September.

This award recognizes an outstanding Young Professional who represents the future of the solid waste industry; demonstrates a passion for the environment, our industry, and helping each other succeed; provides advice, brainstorming ideas, developing solutions, and sharing in the struggles and triumphs of working in this business; and contributes to innovations, programs, or projects that facilitate the growth of our industry or achievement of common industry goals.

B. Southwest Ohio Pollution Prevention Internship Results

This summer the District worked with Patheon Pharmaceuticals to place an engineering student with them to undertake several projects as part of the Southwest Ohio Pollution Prevention Internship Program. Two solid waste projects included a Zero Landfill Initiative and Reusable Cup Project.

The Zero Landfill Initiative project resulted in diverting 158 tons of solid waste from landfill disposal and reducing the amount of cardboard waste generated by 7.7 tons. Patheon will likely realize savings of $51,000 annually once the project is implemented.

The Reusable Cup project for the facility cafeteria will reduce the amount of waste generated by approximately one ton annually and will save the company about $3,000 each year. 

C. 3rd Quarter Performance Measures

Attachment D provides the results of the District’s programs through the third quarter.

D. Update on Wasted Food Initiatives

Staff will provide an update on initiatives to reduce wasted food.

VI. Tentative Future Agenda Items

VII. Policy Committee Members' Comments

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Upcoming District Meetings

The next Policy Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 19, 2017. This meeting will be held at Hamilton County Environmental Services, 250 William Howard Taft Road, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 at 1:30 p.m.

X. Adjournment (Target Time: 3:00 p.m.)