Let's Stop Waste...At Multi-Family Residences

Condominium associations and property managers of apartment, condo, or other multi-family dwellings can receive free assistance from the District to start a recycling program. For information or to determine if your property is eligible, contact Cher Mohring at 513-946-7737. 

Eligible properties receive:

  • A consultation meeting and a customized recycling plan
  • Interior recycling containers

  • Coordination of recycling services with your waste hauler

  • Education about recycling for residents

Recycling can save you money! Property managers often reduce their total solid waste management costs if residents recycle enough material to decrease the trash container size or collection frequency. This is because many haulers collect recycling at a lower cost than collection and disposal of an equal volume of trash.

Interested in hearing how others achieved success? Read about Stetson Square's multi-family recycling program.