Field Trips

All 2017-18 Field Trips are now full and registration is closed. Please check back in August for 2018-19 Field Trips. Thank you!

The District offers free field trips, including transportation. To qualify for these, schools must be registered with the District’s Recycling Assistance Program and be willing to submit student reflections after the trip.  

Municipal Solid Waste Travel Reimbursement Program

Need a free bus? You could qualify for bus transportation reimbursement to the landfill, recycling center, or other locations with municipal solid waste education programs. Completed Travel Reimbursement Program applications can be emailed to or faxed to the District at 946-7779.

Don't Trash It!

Grades: 1–8, The trip is limited to a maximum of 50 students per day.
Location: Fernald Preserve and Rumpke Landfill
Beginning the trip at Fernald Preserve, students will participate in an interactive hike and activities emphasizing nature’s way of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Programming will continue in the LEED platinum certified Visitors Center. Groups are welcome to picnic at the outside shelter before leaving for the Rumpke landfill tour. At Rumpke, students witness up-close views of an active, working landfill and learn the many ways our environment is protected from this mountain of garbage.

Trash Talk

Grades: 9–12
Locations: Rumpke’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Rumpke Sanitary Landfill
Whether you teach Environmental Science, Engineering, Physics, Economics, or Civics, this field trip is a real eye-opening experience for both students and faculty. Groups are welcome to pack a waste free lunch and eat indoors at the MRF before heading to the landfill. The trip requires a minimum of 10 students and is limited to a maximum of 40 students.
Make it a full day! You may also visit Fernald Preserve and tour an exhibit including environmental cleanup, ecological restoration and legacy management. 

Where Does All the Garbage Go?

Grades: 1–8
Location: Rumpke Landfill and Trailside Nature Center
This two-part trip includes a tour of the Rumpke landfill and Trailside Nature Center. At Rumpke, students witness an active, working landfill and learn the ways our environment is protected from this mountain of garbage. At Cincinnati Parks' Trailside Nature Center, students participate in an interactive program that includes a hike to observe decomposition, followed by games and activities about recycling, composting, and natural cycles. Ohio Science Standards available here

Compost Kids

Grades: K–6, The trip is limited to a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 45 students per day with a minimum of one chaperone per 10 students.
Location: Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati
Students learn about composting, healthy soil, water conservation, and environmentally-friendly gardening while participating in a number of hands-on activities. Ohio Science Standards met available here. School groups are welcome to pack a waste-free lunch and eat outdoors on the patio after the program. 

America Recycles Day at the Zoo

Grades: 1–5
Location: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Students will use a passport to explore the grounds of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to learn how recycling helps not only people but creatures all over the world. 

For more information on how to register with the Recycling Assistance Programemail Cher Mohring.