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2013 Target Communities

Every year the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District (District) works closely with two communities to increase their recycling participation and decrease the amount of material they are sending to the landfill. In 2013, the District worked with the communities of Lincoln Heights and Golf Manor to increase residential recycling.

Village of Lincoln Heights

In Lincoln Heights, District staff helped improve the accessibility of a free community recycling drop-off location, provided a container designated for household recyclables, and promoted recycling throughout community events. In 2013 Lincoln Heights residents increased the tons recycled by 48% over the tons recycled in 2012.

Linked are the original outreach plan and the wrap up report for Lincoln Heights.

Village of Golf Manor

Golf Manor received technical assistance developing bid specifications to contract for waste and recycling in the village. This new contract ensures all residents receive waste and recycling carts and includes restrictions on special waste such as tires, electronics, and yard trimmings. The residents of Golf Manor recycled 115 tons in 2013, a 19% increase compared to 2012.

If your community is interested in becoming a future target community, contact Michelle Balz or (513) 946-7789.

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