Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Program

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Because Hamilton County did not receive any usable bids for the residential semi-permanent collection program, we are  planning a one day household hazardous waste collection event on:

Saturday,  October 4, 2014 from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

This program is provided at no charge for RESIDENTS of Hamilton County, Ohio only. Hazardous Waste is prohibited from Businesses, Schools, Churches, and Non-Profits.

To gauge the number of residents participating, the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District is requiring registration. The drop-off location is in the Norwood, Ohio area.

Click here to register for the October 4th event. The location will be disclosed after you register.

Year round outlets (Recycling Outlets Page and Outlets for Odd Items Page) may be available for some of your material. Items may also be taken to a local hazardous waste company for disposal.

Below is a list of Acceptable and Unacceptable items (not an all inclusive list):

Acceptable Items Unacceptable Items
 Pesticides/Fertilizers option X LATEX Paint option
 Solvents/Thinners option X Radioactive Materials option
 Lawn Chemicals option X Medical Waste option
 Cleaners option X Explosives/Ammunition option
 Household/Auto Batteries option X Smoke Detectors option
 Propane Tanks option X Tires option
 Oil-Based Paint/Stains/Spray Paint option X Yardwaste option
 Mercury option X Garbage option
 Fluorescent Tubes/Bulbs option X Roofing Shingles, etc.option
 Driveway Sealer/Tar option X Appliances option
• Gasoline/Motor Oil option X Computers/Electronics option
 Antifreeze/Brake Fluid option X Heating Oil/Fuel Tanks option
 Kerosene option X Unmarked Cylinders option
 Thermostats option X Fireworks/Gun Powder option
Deck Sealer option X Fire Extinguishers option
 Pool Chemicals option X Prescription Drugs option


If you have questions, email Susan Schumacher or call (513) 946-7766.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is not hazardous and can be safely thrown away with your regular trash once it is solid. Simply leave the lid off and mix in sand, sawdust, or kitty litter to speed up the process. Once it is solid, place the can next to your trash with the lid off so your waste hauler can see that it is dry. If your community uses garbage carts, such as the City of Cincinnati, place the dried paint can inside your cart with the lid off.

Matthew 25 Ministries may accept usable, liquid latex paint. See this link or contact Bill Wojcik at 936-7320 for more information.

Reduce waste by only purchasing the volume of paint you will need. Use one of these calculators, or interactive calculator, so you don’t buy more paint than you really need.



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