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State law requires the formation of a local Solid Waste Management District Policy Committee to oversee the writing and implementation of the District’s Solid Waste Plan. In Hamilton County, the Policy Committee has historically functioned as a Policy Board in the truest sense—determining recycling policy for the County and leaving implementation to the District staff.

Beginning January 20, 2011, all meetings are held at 1:30 pm at Hamilton County Environmental Services conference rooms located at 250 William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, 1st Floor unless otherwise indicated.

To receive bi-monthly e-mail notification of Committee Meetings and information relating to meetings, email Susan Schumacher.

2015 Meeting Dates
(All meetings begin at 1:30 pm and are held at  Hamilton County Environmental Services, 250 William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 unless otherwise noted)

January 15
Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Solid Waste Management Plan Update Presentation 
March 19Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Residential Recycling Infrastructure Analysis Presentation
May 21 Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All AttachmentsFinancial Analysis Presentation Special Waste Streams Analysis Presentation
July 16 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Waste Composition Analysis
September 17  - Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments
November 19 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

2014 Meeting Dates
January 16 - Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
March 20 - Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
May 15 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
July 17 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | Residential Recycling Overview Presentation
September 18  - Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
November 20 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Household Hazardous Waste Presentation

2013 Meeting Dates
January 17 - Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
March 21 - Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
May 16 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
August 6 (Rescheduled from July 18)Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
October 1 (Rescheduled from September 19)Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes
November 21 -  Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes

Policy Committee Members

2014 Policy Committee Members
Back Row: Tom Turchiano, Waste Management; Hamilton County Commissioner Greg
Hartmann; Colerain Township Trustee Dennis Deters; Jeff Luehrmann, St. Bernard Soap
Company; Larry Riddle, Rumpke; Front Row: Francy Shumrick, Student Representative;
Sue Magness, City of Cincinnati; Elizabeth Bruggeman, General Interest Member. 
Not pictured: Health Commissioner Tim Ingram.


Mr. Todd Portune
Chair – appointed in 2015
Hamilton County Commissioner
Email: todd.portune@hamilton-co.org
Phone: 513-946-4401

Mr. Dennis Deters
Vice-Chair – appointed in 2010
Township Representative
Email: ddeters@coleraintwp.org
Phone: 513-385-7500

Ms. Sue Magness
Representative of Largest Municipality – appointed in 2009
City of Cincinnati
Email:  sue.magness@cincinnati-oh.gov
Phone: 513-352-5332

Mr. Tim Ingram
Representative of health department with the largest territory – appointed in 1993
Hamilton County General Health District
Email: tim.ingram@hamilton-co.org
Phone: 513-946-7822

Mr. Jeff Luehrmann
Generator Representative – appointed in 2014
St. Bernard Soap Company
Email: jeff.luehrmann@trilliumhcp.com
Phone: 513-242-2227 X3124

Ms. Elizabeth Bruggeman
General Interest Member – appointed in 2014
Email: pbrugge@yahoo.com
Phone: 513-699-7946

Mr. Tom Turchiano
Public Member – appointed in 2012
Email: turch1@aol.com
Phone: 513-257-9794

Mr. Larry Riddle
Ex-Officio Member – appointed in 2000
Rumpke Consolidated
Email: larry.riddle@rumpke.com
Phone: 513-851-0122

Ms. Sophie Manaster
Student Representative - Non-Voting - appointed in 2015
Turpin High School

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