School Recycling Options

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Please contact the District or the specific provider listed if you would like more information.

Important Note: Prior to using a recycler that is not your waste hauler, check your school’s waste contract for stipulations.

The District offers FREE technical assistance for schools interested in reducing their waste stream. For details, visit the Recycling at School page.

Multiple Material Recycling

Rumpke Recycling

Contact Anne Gray at 513-242-4401 ext. 7164.
(paper, paperboard, cardboard, paper cartons, cans, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars)

Republic Services

Contact the Sales Department at 513-771-4200 ext. 2
(paper, cardboard, cans, plastic containers)

Abitibi Recycling

Contact Bill Ward at 513-885-7478.
(paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles and jugs)

Paper Only

Abitibi Recycling (fundraising opportunity)

Abitibi Recycling accepts clean, dry paper including magazines, newspapers, advertising inserts, office paper, cardboard, and junk mail (phone books are not acceptable). Contact Bill Ward or call 800-874-1301.

Cardboard Only

Metro Recycling

Contact Malachi Francis at 513-281-1800.

Rumpke Recycling

Contact Anne Gray at 513-242-4401 ext. 7164.

Republic Services

Contact the Sales Department at 513-771-4200 ext. 2

Recycling Group Ltd.

Contact Mike Murray at 513-769-9609.

Aluminum Only

The Recycle Challenge (fundraising opportunity)

The Recycle Challenge only accepts aluminum beverage cans. Contact Anne Gray at Rumpke Recycling at 513- 242-4401 ext. 7164.

Printer/Copier Cartridges

Cincinnati Cartridge

9544 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242, accepts printer cartridges (only original manufacturers).
Call 513-791-3251 for details.

Cartridge World

1347 E. Kemper Road, Springdale, Ohio, 45246, accepts printer, fax, and copier cartridges.
Call 513-791-4930 for details.

Staples, OfficeMax, and Office Depot

These retailers accept small quantities of empty ink & toner cartridges.

Cell Phones

Staples, OfficeMax, and the Cincinnati Zoo accept cell phones.

Textbooks and Office Paper

Metro Recycling Inc.

Contact Malachi Francis at 513-251-1800.

Hanna Paper Recycling

Contact Mike Mattia at 513-860-5060 ext. 405.

North Star Recycling

Contact Brian Ulbricht at 859-630-8168.


(food and yardwaste)

Future Organics

Contact Brock Reinhard at 708-479-6900.


Contact Ann Powers at 513-200-6735.

Fundraising Opportunities

Funding Factory
Think Recycle
Cartridges for Kids
CURE Recycling
Enviro Smart

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