Target Communities

In 2017 and 2018, the District is working with the villages of Lincoln Heights and Arlington Heights to improve recycling participation and decrease waste. 2017 outreach will focus on infrastructure improvement and recycling outreach. In 2018, the District will expand outreach to include backyard composting education and a residential wasted food reduction campaign.

Lincoln HeightsLincoln Heights has 3,365 residents and in 2016 the Village began offering residents curbside recycling service. The District is working with Lincoln Heights to leverage community resources to make residents more aware of the new curbside service and what materials can and cannot be recycled. The District’s goal is to increase tons recycled by 25%.

Arlington Heights has 745 residents with a subscription-based curbside recycling program. The District worked with Arlington Heights to install a recycling drop-off to give residents access to free recycling. Arlington Heights residents will receive a mailer promoting the new drop off and what items can and cannot be recycled. The District’s goal is to double the tons recycled within one year.

For more information about Target Communities, please contact Michelle Balz