Education Programs

The District provides opportunities for classroom and after-school programsfield trips, and school assemblies

Lesson Plans Pre-K through Grade 3

Introduce your students to reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting. Lesson plans aligned with Ohio's Revised Standards

Recycling at School

The District is available to help your school set up a new solid waste reduction/recycling program or expand or improve your existing program.

Composting at School

You can recycle fruit and vegetable scraps from school lunches and other organic material, like leaves and plant clippings, into nutrient-rich compost. Learn how.

Sharing Tables and Food Donation

The District is available to help your school set up or revamp your cafeteria sharing table and food donation program.

Reducing Waste at School

Reducing waste at school instills a culture of responsible waste management while helping schools reduce their waste bill. 

Event Recycling

We have recycling containers available for loan to any organization sponsoring an event in Hamilton County.

Educator Newsletter

Spencer's SPOTlight is our quarterly e-newsletter for schools. To subscribe to Spencer's SPOTlight, or any of our newsletters, click here. Here is the most recent edition. For older editions, please contact us

Other Resources

Sign up for the quarterly e-newsletter, Spencer's News, which is produced especially for schools. Curricula and lesson plans that correspond to Ohio's Science Standards are also available.