Let's Stop Waste...at School

To help your school start or improve a waste reduction and recycling program, Hamilton County provides free technical assistance through Let’s Stop Waste. Call 513-946-7737 or email to learn more about how Let’s Stop Waste at Schools can help you reduce waste and save money. Please include your school name and address. 

Reducing Waste 
Reducing waste at school instills a culture of responsible waste management while helping schools reduce their waste bill.

Your school receives coordination of recycling services with your waste hauler; staff and faculty training; and indoor recycling containers (based on availability). Learn about our Recycling Assistance Program

You can transform fruit and vegetable scraps from school lunches and other organic material, like leaves and plant clippings, into nutrient-rich compost. Explore the different options for composting at school.

Sharing Tables and Food Donation
The District is available to help your school set up or revamp yourcafeteria sharing table and food donation program.