Hamilton County R3Source


250 William Howard Taft Road
First Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45219



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Monday through Friday
8 am to 4 pm

Parking / Wheelchair Access

  • Parking is available both in front of and behind the building.
  • For wheelchair access, enter from the back parking lot and take the elevator to the first floor.
  • Please sign in with the receptionist upon your arrival.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Badinghaus, Christin Business Specialist 513-913-4401  
Balz, Michelle Solid Waste Manager 513-946-7789  
Bradford, Gage Community Specialist 513-946-7746  
Cropenbaker, Mary 513 Green Advisor/Asst. Solid Waste Manager 513-946-7732  
Roalef, Elise Outreach Specialist 513-946-7736  
Mohring, Cher Community Outreach Coordinator 513-946-7737  
Staubach, Tony Food Waste Diversion Coordinator 513-946-7763  

Recycling Hotline